Friday, January 11, 2013

Knock-off Pottery Barn Pine Cone Cluster

 I'm into natural things for decorating. I just love a rustic look. When I found these pine cone clusters on Potter Barn's website I thought to myself, "self, there is no way I am going to pay $19.50 for some ribbon and a bunch of pine cones."
That's when I went on the hunt for some great pine cones to recreate this beauty. My aunt just so happened to have these majestic pine trees all over her neighborhood and there were plenty of pine cones just beckoning me to gather them up.
I purchased some ribbon from Walmart. The green was $1.97 and the red was $0.99. That's a whole whopping $2.96 plus tax and 15 minutes of my time to recreate the same thing I found online for almost 7X the price it cost me to make. I'll take that any day! I put my glue gun to work and Voila! I had a beautiful Christmas decoration to add to my arsenal.
I hope I inspired you a little to see what you over-priced item you could find to recreate. Happy crafting!

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